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Wheat Oppermann PLLC represents companies in state and federal courts all across the country. From worker’s compensation to employment law to professional liability disputes and much more, our experience covers a wide range of diverse issues. The firm has also successfully handled a growing list of insurance subrogation claims.

• Employment Law • Trucking Liability • Industrial Casualties
• Professional Liability • Commercial • Worker's compensation including
   Longshore and Texas
• Premises Liability • Insurance Policy Disputes

The People and Industries we Serve

The firm works closely with insurance clients on policy wordings and our attorneys have extensive experience representing underwriters in coverage disputes. Our firm represents a broad array of regional, national and international corporations, as well as domestic and foreign insurers. The industries and case types involved include:

• Marine • Energy • General Liability
• Transportation • Toxic Tort • Construction

Responsive and Responsible Legal Services

At Wheat Oppermann PLLC, we have engineered our practice to provide legal services that are not only thorough and responsive to each clients particular needs, but also in a way that keeps a close eye on managing the costs. This ensures you get expert representation that is more than worth your investment.